How to configure a periodic tone to inform party(s) on a call that the call is being recorded

CallBurner can be configured to automatically play a tone to the other parties on a call when the call recording commences.

Follow these steps to inform other parties on a Skype call that the call is being recorded.  (These steps assume you have Skype and CallBurner installed.  If you don’t have CallBurner installed already, you can download it here).

1. Open CallBurner by double-clicking on the CallBurner icon in the Windows System Tray.

2. Click on ‘Options Tab’, and click the ‘Configure’ button:

CallBurner Options Button

3. On the Options dialog, click the ‘Recording tab’:

Skype Recording Options

4. Check the ‘Make other party(s) aware that you are recording (they will hear a periodic tone)’ option and click ‘OK’.

5. Record Skype calls using CallBurner as you normally would and the other part(y)s on the call will now hear a periodic tone to inform them that the call is being recorded.

If you have any problems getting this to work, we can help – just email us at for assistance.