CallBurner Change History Changes

On November 6th 2013, Skype announced that the Skype API will be supported beyond December 2013 for recording apps like CallBurner – Skype’s official statement.  This version uses the Skype API.  You can ignore messages in the Skype client about CallBurner stopping working come December 2013. Changes

Important release – from this version, CallBurner no longer uses the Skype API.  The Skype API is being retired at the end of December 2013 by Skype (Skype’s official statement).

Skype 6.9 compatibility. CallBurner will continue working with Skype beyond December 2013.

Slight changes in this version (we had to make these changes as we used to use the Skype API for these functions):

  • To hang up the call, you need to hang up the call from within Skype.
  • In Previous Calls, we used to put the contacts first name and last name in the call history.  Now it says “Skype Contact” – we used to get the first and last name details from the Skype API. Changes

Fixed “Access Violation” errors that were occurring on some systems with Changes

Prevent crashing of Skype 5.1 when CallBurner is set to start automatically. Changes

Compatibility with Skype 5.1.

Fixes to display on systems configured for large fonts. Changes

Fixed distortion in “this side” recording on some Vista and Windows 7 PCs. Changes

Skype 5.0 compatibility.

Fixed licensing issues. Changes

Fixed repetitive warning that was appearing when no audio detected for a while. Changes

Added support for Skype 4.2 Beta and above. Changes

Support for 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems (NOTE: Skype does not play surround sound, so recording is mono, but will now work correctly if you are using 5.1 or 7.1 – previous versions would not record correctly).

Better reporting of internal recording errors if they occur.

Added support for Windows 7. Changes

Fixed recording issue on some Vista PCs running Skype 4.1. Changes

Improved recording reliability on slower PCs or PCs running under load. Changes

Fixed bug that caused recordings to potentially be corrupted if neither side of the call uses a 48KHz internal audio rate. Changes

Fixed bug that crashes the latest Skype ( whenever a call starts.

Fixed bug that caused the hand-holding connection wizard to keep appearing whenever CallBurner is started even after connection has been established. Changes

Recording compatibility for latest 3.8 and 4.0 Skype versions on more Vista PCs (those supporting the latest Vista audio APIs [WASAPI] in native mode – e.g. Dell Inspiron 1525). (Fix introduced in

Changes to software updater including better captioning for sight-impaired users. Changes

Compatibility with latest versions of Skype on Vista, which use the latest Vista audio technology known as WASAPI.

Fixed problem with turning off the “Start CallBurner when I start Windows” option. Changes

Skype 4 compatibility.

Fixed problem with “Access Violation” error appearing when shutting down the PC.

Fixed crackling in tone played to other party.

Other minor fixes. Changes

Fixed popping and clicking in raw audio recordings. Changes

Changes to comply with Skype certification requirements. Changes

Fixed problem with warbly, choppy recording when using some USB phone devices. Changes

Further compatibility with Skype 3.8 (Cater for lower bit rates in some microphone devices). Changes

Compatibility with Skype 3.8 (Fixes problem where recording of other side is half speed). Changes

Compatibility with Skype 3.6 Changes

Free CallBurner to CallBurner recording.

Clearer Stop button behaviour.

Fix AV errors when using JAWS.

Improved accessibility of Stats tab.

Always on top option.