Skype In (or SkypeIn)

SkypeIn is Skype terminology for being able to take calls from normal phones using Skype.

Obviously for people to be able to call you on Skype using a plain old traditional phone or mobile/cell phone, they need a number to call. So when you sign up for SkypeIn, the people at Skype give you your very own number. When people dial that number from any phone, your Skype application (or Skype phone if you have one) will ring.

(One of the interesting things about this number is that you can ask the people at Skype to give you a number in your own country, or in a number of overseas countries. So, you could be living in London but answering calls made to a Los Angeles number for instance).

The following steps show you how to get a SkypeIn number (or multiple SkypeIn numbers if you want). The steps assume that you already have Skype installed and set up. (If you don’t, click here to see how to do that).

1. A SkypeIn number needs to be purchased. Unfortunately at present this is a separate process to purchasing SkypeOut credit – hopefully the people at Skype will streamline this in the future. In the meantime, it’s basically a separate deal. You can purchase your unique SkypeIn number here.

2. After completing the purchase process, wait to receive a confirmation email from Skype. Once it’s all confirmed, your number will be active and ready to take calls.

3. If you would like to have your calls recorded, download a free 30 day trial of CallBurner.

In a nutshell, SkypeIn is basically the opposite of SkypeOut. If you want to call normal phones and have them be able to call you, you need both SkypeIn and SkypeOut.

How SkypeIn works

SkypeIn is a ordindary phone number which people call and the call is routed through to Skype where you pick up the call.  Skype offer differnet SkypeIn numbers for over 20 countries with different area codes for each.  Skype offer SkypeIn as the following:

  • a 3 month subscription where you pay in advance to keep your new ordinary phone number for 3 months and have the option of renewing at the end of the 3 month period.
  • a 12 month subscription where you pay in advance to keep your new ordinary phone number for 3 months and have the option of renewing at the end of the 12 month period.

How does a SkypeIn number work?

You buy a SkypeIn number in one of over 20 locations and your friends, family or business contacts can call that number and only pay for a standard rate call (if they are in the same country as your online number) – the SkypeIn number uses the internet to route the call and so saves them money. It makes absolutely no difference wherever you are, you can pick up the call at no cost to you wherever in the world you are logged into Skype.

For more information on SkypeIn, see the SkypeIn page on

CallBurner is a powerful Skype recording application which can record SkypeIn calls (and other types of Skype calls such as Skype-to-Skype calls, and SkypeOut calls).  Download a free 30 day trial of CallBurner to try it out for yourself.

How to record phone calls made from ordinary phones (landlines and cell phones) to your SkypeIn number

Follow these steps to record calls made from an ordinary phone (landlines and cell phones) to your SkypeIn number. These steps assume you have Skype and CallBurner installed. Do you need help with installing CallBurner, or perhaps installing Skype?

1. You will need to purchase a SkypeIn number if you don’t already have one.  A SkypeIn number is a Skype feature which allows people to call you from a normal phone.  SkypeIn works just like a standard phone number – i.e. for the USA, you could have a SkypeIn number such as +1 987 555 5555 for example.  When someone calls that number from an ordinary phone, it rings through to your computer where you are signed in on Skype.

Tip: On the SkypeIn page (link above), you can select from a range of different SkypeIn numbers in different countries.  The best part is that you can select a local number in your local exchange so that people can call you on Skype for the cost of a local call.

2. Click on the CallBurner chilli icon in the system tray to bring up the CallBurner Call Monitor window as shown below:

3. Click on the ‘Options’ tab (4th tab from the left) as shown below, and then click on ‘Configure…’:

CallBurner Options Button

4. When you see the ‘CallBurner Options’ dialog, select the “Recording” (as shown below):

Skype Recording Options

5. Note the ‘SkypeOut and SkypeIn’ subheading on the above dialog. The following options pertain to both SkypeOut calls (calls made from Skype to ordinary phones), and SkypeIn calls (calls made from ordinary phones to a Skype account):

  • Record my voice only – This option will only record your side of the call (as in, your voice) in the event of a SkypeIn call with another party calling your SkypeIn number. If you select this option, you will only be able to hear your voice during call playback. This option is sometimes used by sales companies who want to record their side of the conversation for training purposes.
  • Record all voices – This option records both your side of the SkypeIn call and all of the other parties in the call.

6. This dialog also allows you to configure advanced CallBurner options such as which audio format to record to, which audio encoding to use etc. See our How to record Skype calls using your choice of format and bit rate page for more information on these options.

If you have any problems getting this to work, we can help – just email us at for assistance.