How to record Skype calls using your choice of format and bit rate

Follow these steps to record Skype calls, using your choice of format and bitrate. (These steps assume you have Skype and CallBurner installed).

1. CallBurner defaults to MP3, 32kBit/s, 24kHz. You can alter this to use other formats and bitrates supported by the codecs installed on your machine. (Windows comes with a number of codecs preinstalled. Other products you may have installed on your PC may have installed other codecs. You can also obtain codecs – some for free, and some for a fee – from other vendors/web sites.)

To alter the format and bitrate, click the CallBurner “Configure” button:

CallBurner Options Button

then click the “Recording” tab and the following will be displayed:

Skype Recording Options

2. Click the “Audio Format > Change…” button to display the following dialog:

Skype recording audio formats

3. Alter the “Format” and “Attributes” settings to the format you desire, then click OK. (Note: not all formats are able to be converted from the Skype audio format. If the format you select is not able to be converted, you will be told when you click OK below. If this occurs you will need to select a different format.)

4. Click OK in the Options dialog.

5. Record Skype calls using CallBurner as you normally would – calls will now be recorded in the format you selected.

If you have any problems getting this to work, we can help – just email us at for assistance.