How CallBurner’s Anti-Drift recording keeps your Skype recordings in sync

CallBurner has built-in “Anti-Drift” technology to keep both sides of the call synchronized.

Often, the speakers and microphone device drivers on a PC have their own separate internal clocks.  Although these all run at approximately the same speed, there are slight variations.  These variations can build up over time and on long calls can become quite significant, causing the recording from the microphone (your side of the call) to drift out of synchronization with the recording from the speakers (the other side of the call).

If you are recording long interviews, e.g. for podcasting, this can be a significant problem.

To overcome this, CallBurner has “Anti-Drift”, which monitors the clock speeds and automatically adjusts for any variations, by making small, virtually undetectable changes to the audio recorded for either side of the call.  You can see if this is occurring on your system by going to the “Stats” tab and looking at the “Pads” and “Trims” statistics during a call.

“Anti-Drift” is enabled by default – there is no need to turn on any options.

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