Special offer for Ed’s Mixed Bag podcast listeners

Posted by on Aug 30, 2009

Eds Mixed Bag

Ed’s Mixed Bag is an indie music/variety podcast from sunny Florida.  Ed’s Mixed Bag use CallBurner to record interviews over Skype with guests on the show.

Special limited time offer for Ed’s Mixed Bag podcast listeners.  Use this discount coupon to receive 10% off your CallBurner purchase:

  1. Download CallBurner for Skype
  2. Use this coupon when purchasing to a 10% discount on CallBurner (single license), and CallBurner Extra Hot (premium license) - EMB2009

If you need a hand with claiming the discount, see instructions on how to use this coupon.  If you have any questions, contact us.

How to configure a periodic tone to inform party(s) on a call that the call is being recorded

Posted by on Aug 07, 2009

CallBurner can be configured to automatically play a tone to the other parties on a call when the call recording commences.

Follow these steps to inform other parties on a Skype call that the call is being recorded.  (These steps assume you have Skype and CallBurner installed.  If you don’t have CallBurner installed already, you can download it here).

1. Open CallBurner by double-clicking on the CallBurner icon in the Windows System Tray.

2. Click on ‘Options Tab’, and click the ‘Configure’ button:

CallBurner Options Button

3. On the Options dialog, click the ‘Recording tab’:

Skype Recording Options

4. Check the ‘Make other party(s) aware that you are recording (they will hear a periodic tone)’ option and click ‘OK’.

5. Record Skype calls using CallBurner as you normally would and the other part(y)s on the call will now hear a periodic tone to inform them that the call is being recorded.

If you have any problems getting this to work, we can help – just email us at callburner@callburner.com for assistance.

Testimonials from our CallBurner customers

Posted by on Aug 02, 2009

Here are some comments from our CallBurner customers:

“I’ve used callburner to record podcasts, interviews, and events for over four years. Everybody loves the quality. Why go anywhere else?
The few times I’ve needed tech support, a helpful person is there to help! It’s great turnaround and service. I couldn’t be happier.”
Aaron Joslow, 24th September 2013.

“Each week the Lesser Nerds Podcast relies on Callburner. The ability to record Skype interviews, complete with separate WAV files for the guest and the studio, allows us to edit a broadcast-quality show without the hassle of expensive high-end phone gear for Studio 16. The built-in VU meters ensure there’s never voice distortion and the auto-record capability means we never have to worry about forgetting to hit a button.” The Lesser Nerds Podcast NYC. 27th April 2011.

“@callburner We’ve been using CallBurner on Fat 2 Fit Radio for about 2 years. Great program. #fat2fit” via Twitter. View Tweet
Russell Turley, Long Beach, CA. 29th Sept 2010.

“@callburner No problem guys! We still use it everyweek during the Footy season to record the Coaches Box podcast! Clear as a crystal!” via Twitter. View Tweet
Phillip “Molly” Malone, Melbourne, Australia. 23rd Sept 2010.

“Brilliant piece of software, very accessible and easy to use.” via Twitter. View Tweet
Simon Cowan, South Wales, UK. 6th April 2010.

“Excellent and very helpful answer, thanks so much! (I was on trial version and will now purchase the item today!)”
Michael Linenberger, Danville, CA USA. 5th February 2010.

“CallBurner is an fantastic product. A breeze to install, easy to use and works flawlessly.”
Lloyd M. Eisenberg, NY USA. 26th September 2009.

” Though programs are often coined as “sleek,” “simplistic” and “easily accessible” by their dealers, and even their consumers, I have rarely run across a program as user-friendly and innovative as CallBurner. From the moment I downloaded it, I was able to record my Skype calls efficiently and without hassle. The program integrated seamlessly with my screenreader of choice, Window-Eyes, and was a truly unique and appreciable find. All Skype users, and most particularly those who are visually impaired, would benefit greatly from this nifty gizmo. The online help is prompt, and program and site alike are a breeze to navigate, whether or not the user is especially “techy.” Manipulating and customizing CallBurner is instantaneous and painless, and its output is beyond satisfactory. “
Caitlin Hernandez, Danville, CA, USA.

“After many months of searching different software applications to record Skype calls, CallBurner filled the bill perfectly. The low pressure sales approach and no limits to the software’s use plus 2 successful recordings during the 30 day free trial was enough to convince me to buy near the trial’s end. Thank you for your ease of use software application for recording Skype calls.”
Ed Ovett - host & producer of the music/variety podcast Ed’s Mixed Bag, Florida USA.

” Your service is outstanding ! I could not believe I could have answers to my questions with such short delays. Thanks!”
Jean-Francois Rajotte, Vancouver B.C.

” The Contents of CallBurner is that of an easy-to-use application that complements the Skype experience – this much is true to my experience – a seamless product that enhances Communication ( a two-way Process). The Context in which this happens and the Support, Service, Follow-up (& Goodwill) provided by the CallBurner Team is Excellent. Such a change from the current climate of shallowness of others [sic companies and government services]. ”
Richard Bramwell, United Kingdom.