How do I use my CallBurner coupon?

Posted by on Jul 29, 2007

To use your CallBurner coupon, ensure that CallBurner is installed on your machine. If you don’t already have CallBurner installed on your machine, click Download on the top of this page.

To use your CallBurner coupon:

1. Double-click on the CallBurner icon in your system tray to launch CallBurner

CallBurner icon as seen in the Windows system tray

2. In CallBurner, click on the Options tab, then click on the Purchase/Activate CallBurner button to launch the CallBurner Licensing Wizard

The CallBurner Options Purchase/Activate menu

3. In the CallBurner Licensing Wizard, ensure that the Purchase Now option is selected and click Next

The CallBurner Licensing Wizard

4. The CallBurner Terms of Sale dialog appears. Click Accept to accept the agreement

The CallBurner Terms of Sale Dialog

5. The CallBurner Shopping Cart is shown. At this point, you can add any additional CallBurner products to your order if you wish. When you are ready to purchase, proceed as follows:

Enter your email address. If your coupon is for an upgrade, be sure to use the same email address you used when you made your original purchase, as this is required in order for the coupon to be accepted. If you no longer use that email address, please contact CallBurner support for a one-off coupon.

Enter your CallBurner coupon in the coupon box (as highlighted below) and then click the enter button. If a valid coupon is entered, the CallBurner Shopping Cart will apply the value of the coupon and recalculate the balance. When a valid coupon has been entered, the money that the coupon saves you is shown in red font next to the coupon box.

Now that the coupon has been applied, you are good to go! Simply complete the purchase wizard to purchase your copy of CallBurner.

The CallBurner Shopping Cart

Need help with your CallBurner Coupon? Send us an email and we will gladly sort it out for you.

Free CallBurner

Posted by on Jul 23, 2007

After the 30 day free trial has expired you can continue to use CallBurner to record all Skype-to-Skype calls with other CallBurner users for free. (NOTE: You must both be running CallBurner or later).

To continue to record calls to and from normal phones, or Skype-to-Skype calls with non-CallBurner users, you need to purchase a CallBurner license. (For details click here).

How does this work?

If your 30 day trial has expired and you have not purchased a license, CallBurner still allows you to record Skype-to-Skype calls if:

  • The other party is running CallBurner ( or later, free or full license) on the PC being used to conduct the call *and*
  • You are running CallBurner or later.

If the call is a conference call, only one other participant needs to have CallBurner running on their PC.

Operation is exactly the same as during the trial, and exactly the same as Full CallBurner. If you have set all calls to be recorded, CallBurner will automatically record calls where it detects CallBurner running at the other end. If you have not set all calls to be recorded, CallBurner will allow you to click the “Record” button if it detects CallBurner running at the other end. If you attempt to record a call to a non-CallBurner user, you will receive a warning message and recording will not take place.

If you have any questions about any of the information above, please email us:

What to do if the Skype Permissions window does not appear

Posted by on Jul 23, 2007

Normally when CallBurner runs for the first time, a Skype Permissions window appears to allow you to grant CallBurner permission to connect to the Skype application.

Under some circumstances, however, the Skype Permissions window may not appear. The steps below show you what to do if this occurs.

1. Reboot your PC and start Skype then CallBurner. Soon after starting CallBurner you should see the Skype Permissions window:
Skype Security Dialog

2. If the above window appears, click the “Allow…” option then click OK. CallBurner should now start normally.

3. If the above window does not appear, follow these instructions to manually alter your Skype permissions.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please contact us at . Depending on the time of day, you may get a response within minutes (a human response – not an auto-generated one). Otherwise we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

How to change Skype Access Permissions for CallBurner

Posted by on Jul 23, 2007

If CallBurner’s Skype Access Permissions are not set correctly, CallBurner will not operate correctly.

You can configure the Skype Access Permissions as follows:

1. In Skype, go to “Tools > Options > Advanced > Updates”. (NOTE: In Skype 3.1 and earlier, go to “Tools > Options > Privacy” instead).

2. Click “Manage other programs’ access to Skype” (near the bottom of the window).

3. Look for CallBurner in the list of programs. Click the “Change” button that appears next to it.

4. You should see a window that looks like this:
Skype Security Dialog

5. Click the top “Allow…” option then click OK. Click OK again to close the options window.

6. If you came to this page from CallBurner’s “Skype Permission Window” wizard, simply click “Next >” in the wizard and CallBurner should operate normally. If you came to this page from elsewhere, restart CallBurner, which should operate normally.

CallBurner Screen Reader Compatibility

Posted by on Jul 10, 2007

As of version, CallBurner has a screen reader compatibility option. This improves accessibility for blind users or users with sight impairments among others.

To turn on screen reader compatibility, choose this option from the CallBurner menu in the system tray:

Accessibility > Screen Reader Compatibility

After turning this on, you will need to restart CallBurner by choosing the Quit option from the CallBurner menu in the system tray, then restarting CallBurner from the Windows Start Menu.

Our thanks go to Darrell Shandrow and the guys at Blind Access Journal for encouraging us to improve CallBurner accessibility and for testing the changes. Darrell has also documented how to turn on the accessibility option from the keyboard:

Minimize all running programs and focus on the Desktop by pressing Left Windows+M.

Press JAWS Key+F11, Modifier+F11 (System Access) or Insert+S (Window-Eyes) to open the System Tray menu.

Down arrow to CallBurner and press enter to right click its System Tray icon.

Press enter on the Accessibility sub-menu.

Press enter on “Screen Reader Compatibility”. This is the only option currently found in the Accessibility sub-menu.

The following dialogue box is shown: “Screen Reader Compatibility is now turned ON. NOTE: You need to restart CallBurner for this change to become effective.”

Press enter on the OK button to accept the change.

Press JAWS Key+F11, Modifier+F11 (System Access) or Insert+S (Window-Eyes) to return to the System Tray menu.

Down arrow to CallBurner and press enter to right click its System Tray icon.

Up arrow to the Quit option and press enter.

Press the Left Windows key or CTRL+Escape to open the Start menu.

Press p to open the All Programs menu.

Down arrow to CallBurner and press enter to open its sub-menu.

Press enter on CallBurner to start the program. The Call Details window opens, presenting a tabbed dialogue box that delivers a fully accessible user interface to all CallBurner functions.

Press the End key to move to the Help tab.

Press the Tab key once to select Browse On-Line Help and press enter to open CallBurner’s documentation in a typical web browser window. This help will serve to get you started with CallBurner in short order.